University of Coimbra with inclusive library for people with visual impairments and neuromotor disorders

This inclusive library is the first of its kind in national higher education institutions.

Marta Costa
Karine Paniza
03 december, 2021≈ 2 min read

Luis Barata, técnico superior dos SASUC, foi um dos primeiros a experimentar os novos aparelhos da biblioteca inclusiva.

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Short version in English by Diana Taborda

Inaugurated on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the 3rd of December, the University of Coimbra now has an inclusive library for people with visual and neuromotor impairments. The set of equipment and technological solutions, aimed at the inclusion of students with special educational needs, was donated by the Altice Foundation and is installed in the General Library of the UC.

This inclusive library, the first of its kind in national higher education institutions, offers a range of solutions for the visually impaired, such as portable digital magnifiers, screen magnification software, colour contrast and synthesised speech, and text-to-voice tools. It also includes several tools for people with neuromotor impairments (such as an eye-tracking camera that allows a computer to be operated by eye movement, and software that allows indirect access to the computer as an alternative to keyboard/mouse interaction, communication through the device's synthesised voice, and control of other devices).

"This is another step towards promoting equity and guaranteeing equal opportunities, which are the hallmarks of the University of Coimbra's mission statement. We hope that the new equipment will contribute to the success of the academic paths of the students who need it," says Amílcar Falcão, Rector of the UC.